exhibitions + community engagement


03/23/20 - 03/23/22 (ongoing)

oz factor project

1. oz factor - this website's writing/photo blog project

2. fashion or weapon - self portrait colour photo set of 4

3. ontario & kent ave. s. - audio/gif installation and photo sets

4. hypoxia | lockdown - audio & photo-based installation



artistic advisor


Digital Carnival Z

(Cinevolution Media Arts in partnership with Richmond Art Gallery)


04/21/21 - 06//05/21

featured artist program:

UNION with Nancy Lee 李南屏 & Kiran Bhumber at Richmond Art Gallery


particating artists: Natasha “Courage” Bacchus, Lena Chen, Margaret Dragu & Justine A. Chambers, Mallory Donen, Robin Gaudreau/Rye, Gina Goico, Romi Kim/Skim, Danielle Mackenzie Long, Mickey L.D. Morgan, Kofi Oduro (Illestpreacha), Angelic Proof, Juli Saragosa and Sarah Shamash.








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