octopus garden


Living in a coastal city, where development, sea traffic and industry perch on the edge of the Pacific Rim, fosters much controversy surrounding concepts of pipeline expansion to the west coast. Living beside the largest body of water should make us doubly conscious of water quality and sea life habitation that we are directly affecting. octopus garden, is contemplative and quiet, yet satirical, in reminding us of our flawed idealism in perception of other worlds.


This project was made to work in a number of incarnations in various environments in order to elicit commentary on perceptions of our terrestrial and submerged worlds. This piece has been exhibited on beach sand, where the public was invited to experience the AR work by 'walking on the bottom of the ocean', making it an ephemeral yet immersive concept. It has also been shown on various buildings in order to make comment on the tenuous architecture or living environment for the aquatic world versus human worlds.



Single channel video (silent)

Shot with an HTC One cell phone

© 2013



2013 Digital Carnival, Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival, Richmond, BC

2013 Lighting of Aberthau, Aberthau Mansion - West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC



Octopus Garden (A) Projected on tarp with playground sand





Octopus Garden (B) Projected in an alcove of faux Tudor architecture