murder of crows


Living in one of the most expensive cities in North America, I hear complaints on a daily basis concerning the price of real estate, space, and cost of living versus wages. With more and more condos being built and gentrification, natural world species are being encroached upon and being forced to relocate as well. Jockeying for space and co habitation are issues in both the natural and man-made worlds, sometimes with similar behavior and results.


Crows have more than 20 calls, including alert calls and murmurations in regard to predators and protecting claimed sites. While walking in a dog park, near the docks on the waterfront of Burrard Inlet, I was amazed to hear the cacophony of sound from a murder of crows protecting their territory in a grove of trees from seagulls. The alert of one bird soon becomes a complaint choir!


This video is an anthropomorphic statement on the idea of group identity in claiming site.



Single channel video with audio (manipulated in post production)

Shot with a Canon S120

© 2014



2014 VANDOCUMENT 1 Year Anniversary, at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC (invitational)


pg_123311399855924.jpgWynne Palmer © 2014