light pulse


What is a wholistic system? When we speak of a wholistic system for humans, we often refer to organ and body function, response and behavior in an inter-relational manner. Higher or emergent systems become evident with feedback system analysis of various cyclical interdependance - synergism.


When applying this model to trees, ecological systems provide fertile data on the function and importance of various life sustaining systems within a forest. Tree canopy cover, fungal systems, methods of seeding and tree to tree communication are some of the interdependant systems.


light pulse leaves a distinctive thumbprint, for while it addresses human identity with one of the two most common fingerprint types, in this case an arch, it also references concentric circles and the life span of the tree, on which the work sits, making comment on how we are nature, and nature is us!



Galvinized wire mesh 3.5' x 4', 12 pcs. EL Wire (2m / 6.5ft), 2 x 12v 'Strong' Driver (8x AA batteries), twist ties, duct and electrical tape.

© 2013



2016 14th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, Vancouver, BC

2014 SKIN, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC

2014 PATTERNS: An Evening Extravaganza of Digital Proportions,

Aberthau Mansion - West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC

2013 Lighting of Aberthau, Aberthau Mansion - West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC