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On March 24, 2020 the Briitish Columbia Public Safety Minister, Mike Farnworth, declared a State of Emergency due to Covid-19 progressing globally since being declared a pandemic at the beginning of January 2020. In his televised address, Farnworth mentions Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer, who has since become a very familiar face on daily Covid-19 reports on BC media.


Covid 19 Pandemic Cases from March 24, 2020 - March 24, 2021


BC -                       99,035 cases;           90,401 recovered;          1,455 deaths

Canada -             977,000 cases;         907,000 recovered;         22,926 deaths

Worldwide - 128,000,000 cases;    72,800,000 recovered;    2,800,000 deaths


With tighter restrictions on public interaction and movement this past year, it has been very challenging to make art in lockdown when I normally wander for long walks shooting outdoors in the Lower Mainland. I had decided to use my limited modes of public access this year as a creative challenge in my process by shooting photos of the silent urban landscapes of North Vancouver from the window of my car, or just beside it. This series of infrared photographs were pared down from shooting neighborhoods either on my way to or from my weekly shopping for one year - March 24, 2020 to 2021.


All audio recordings are of my neighbourhood in North Vancouver just outside of my home. Recordings are 1 minute in length, unedited for rawness and recorded at EXACTLY 7pm PST every evening from March 27 through April 12, 2020.


hypoxia 1.0

wynne palmer · 20200327



artist statement


Air and unobstructed breathing has been an ongoing concern in light of the symptoms and illness that is Covid-19. Mandatory mask-wearing in public and restrictions on public performances and singing has also unfortunately restricted our 'voice' and human expression.


The 7 o'clock 'noise makers and pot-bangers' are a record of the public display of acknowledgement and appreciation for the local healthcare workers, who have been burdened with unkown risks while treating patients with this highly virulent illness. The hospital in my neighborhood is only 10 blocks away and every night the workers change shift at exactly 7pm and hear this scheduled explosion of noise from windows and balconies and yards, while the streets remain empty! These hidden and unseen human noises, sounds, music, and vocalizations becomes incongruent and a paradox to the visually vacant urban landscapes in which you would normally expect to see the crowds associated with such carcophanies.


hypoxia 2.0

wynne palmer · 2020328



hypoxia | lockdown is an audio/photo based project created during a one year lockdown restriction in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the larger Covid-19 set of projects, called, oz factor.



16 infrared photographs

with sound installion

© 2020


hypoxia 3.0

wynne palmer · 20200329



hypoxia 4.0

wynne palmer · 2020330



hypoxia 5.0

wynne palmer · 2020331



hypoxia 6.0

wynne palmer · 2020401



hypoxia 7.0

wynne palmer · 2020402


hypoxia 8.0

wynne palmer · 2020403

hypoxia 9.0

wynne palmer · 2020404

hypoxia 10.0

wynne palmer · 2020405

hypoxia 11.0

wynne palmer · 2020406


hypoxia 12.0

wynne palmer · 2020407



hypoxia 13.0

wynne palmer · 2020409



hypoxia 14.0

wynne palmer · 2020410



hypoxia 15.0

wynne palmer · 2020411



hypoxia 16.0

wynne palmer · 2020412