Wynne Palmer is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, producer and mentor.


Working predominantly with digital media including, photography, video, installation, voice and sound improvisation, her personal research, art practice and collaborations often focus on thresholds and liminal spaces, where the natural and technological worlds converge. She brings into question issues of identity, concepts of location and the philosophy of language within the collective consciousness.


As an independent curator and mentor, Wynne explores social engagement and public art through different modes of collaborative pedagogy including: critical making, STEAM, SciArt, Art/Music, improvisation, creative incubators, artist collectives and artist run culture.


Currently, as curator and co-producer of the Digital Carnival programme for Cinevolution Media Arts Society, Wynne has just completed a four-year themed set of exhibitions, involving 80 local to international artists, based on the four Elements: Water (2016), Land (2017), Air (2018) and Fire (2019). She is also a board member for the New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society at 8EAST and advisor to the board of directors for The James Black Gallery. From 2011 - 2018 she was the co-founder and manager of the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra, and is currently a voice student under the guidance of Vancouver vocalist/singer, Viviane Houle.


Wynne has exhibited and performed internationally including: Arbetets Museum (Sweden), Gallery Factory (Seoul, Korea), Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (Yukon), Vogue Theatre, Western Front, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Roundhouse Community Arts Centre, The James Black Gallery, The Merge, Red Gate Revue Stage, Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver Opera Festival, New Forms Festival, Vancouver Low Frequency Festival, SWARM Festival, Utopia Festival of Women in Digital Culture, Signal + Noise Media Festival, Digital Carnival at Richmond World Festival, and Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. City of Vancouver public parks:Tatlow Park, Renfrew Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and Charleson Park for the (International Symposium on Electronic Art - ISEA 2015).


Her work is in public and private collections including: Canada, China, Germany, UK and USA.