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bg_6871359428214.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013

Like many artists, I am a creature of habit when it comes to planning and implementing my creative year. With the weather being dark and dreary through the winter, I curl up in front of the fire and try to use my time wisely by researching and planning new projects which I then priortize and will work on for the year. Considering I am an interdiscipliary artist, this can be a daunting task, as there is the concept research and then the technical research. I have literally pages of ideas, some of which I wonder if I will ever get to! There are many factors that will inform these decisions including: Is the project for a collective I am working with? Is it for a grant or residency I am applying for? Is it for a specific show? Is it in conjunction with a workshop or course I have taken and want to expand into a project? Decisions, decisions.... currently I am paring down ideas that I am interested in pursuing for this year which include: mixed media works on paper concerning identity, an outdoor installation involving light and luminescence, an audio piece for an installation.


That being said, the other thing I do every year from Jan. - June is take workshops and in-person or online courses for professional development. These usually fall into two groups: art administration ie grant writing and skill development ie learning a new software or equipment. Before the end of January I will be attending a civic grant writing workshop and have just started an online course in digital sound design.


Many young artists don't realize that pursuing professional development, even after you have finished formal art training, will feed your work and inspire you. You can't help but grow by incorporating new ideas and I have always found that the networking involved always pays off. Never stop learning!