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Nine Vancouver artists will be exhibiting a one evening media art and live electronic performance, curated and produced by students from VIVO Media Arts Centre's Career Development Mentorship with media artist, Wynne Palmer. This event is hosted and supported by VIVO Media Arts Centre in conjunction with a BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Grant.

SKIN addresses abstract concepts, derived from the material form of the physical body as a point of departure. The exhibition explores concepts including body architecture, gender, body shame, the remediated body, body as machine, collective health and spatial interactions. The famous Protagorean statement, "man is the measure of all things . . .” (aside from relativism) is an inspiration for using the human structure as a referencing unit of infinite things.

** Event is free to enter**

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Lead Curator/Fascilitator: Wynne Palmer

Curator/Producers: Zandi Dandizette, Alanna Ho. Anchi Lin, Marchien Veen, Corie Waugh


Thanks to Guest Artists: Crista Dahl, Matt Troy and Vincent Parker


Special Thanks:

Emily Smith and VIVO Media Arts Centre, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council,

City of Vancouver and Gaming/Province of BC