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bg_32581392798736.jpgWynne Palmer © 2014

I am currently artist in residency with the City of Vancouver from 2013 - 2015, along with 15 media artists with LocoMotoArt. We are a 20 member art group using new media outdoors - digital eco-art! Being the Assistant Administrator/Project Manager for this group of artists, much of my time so far has been in the administration of the members through the residency experience. Along the way we have exhibited in residency at Aberthau Mansion and other Vancouver community centres, in local city parks and in many festivals. We have conducted workshops, open studios, hosted guest artists and lecturers. This year will be a very active schedule and we will be making the most of it!


My personal work for residency will be from September to December and I am currently working on preliminary research, testing a new camera and creating some photo, video, and works on paper. The self-impossed theme for my work is LIGHT! Electroluminescent wire (El Wire), underwater lighting and LED. In 2013, I lead a workshop concerning El Wire and installed an outdoor piece, called Light Pulse made with El Wire. I will be expanding this installation for another show and conducting a series of  community workshops with this fun, inexpensive land flexible light. Upcoming major works with underwater lighting will take me into the warm summer months and works with LED lighting will end off my residency year.


Take a look at the LocoMotoArt Blog to stay current with my work and workshops through this project until 2015.