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November 27, 2013 was the Lighting of Aberthau event at Aberthau Mansion in West Point Grey Community Centre. This was an open community get-together for locals to come and partake in the seasonal festivities with hot chocolate, carols sung by the Junior Choir from Ecole Jules Quesnel and digital art works by LocoMotoArt artists in residence Mark Nazemi, Rob Scharein and myself. My new work, Light Pulse was installed out of doors to coodinate with the outdoor lighting of the building, and I also conducted a drop-in workshop for all ages to create holiday ornaments with Electroluminescent Wire (El Wire), which were hung on trees out of doors in time for the building lighting ceremony.


Many thanks to our sponsors and partners: West Point Grey Community Centre, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, William F. White International Inc., IMAPON, Daivd Eby, MLA (Vancouver-West Point Grey) and Councillor Adrianne Carr.


Much gratitude to LMAC artist in residency Dave Leith for audio and Ash Tanasiychuk from VANDOCUMENT for the terrific video!


Drop in El Wire Workshop. Photo: Sarah Shamash

Student work El Wire Workshop. Photo: Wynne Palmer