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This past weekend was a fresh and pleasant experience of exhibiting outdoors, as opposed to the 'white cube', in Vancouver's lovely Kitsilano Tatlow Park.


I was graciously asked to submit a project for curators Laura Lee Coles and David Leith for the launch of LocoMotoArt, based on Coles just completed Masters thesis at SAIT/Simon Fraser University. The premise is to use a portable system of mini projectors and marine batteries to run audio and/or video works of art in remote environments and natural settings.


This was a refreshing experience for me as an interdisciplinary artist, to locate my work in a natural setting, thereby adding strength to the project concept. I was thrilled to experiment with the Aaxa Pico P4 projector (80 lumens), that I projected onto a pond rock, and added an auxilary battery to extend the life of the 75min. Lithium internal battery. It worked beautifully!


For project documentation please see Naiad's Gift.


Wynne Palmer © 2012


Special Thanks: Laura Lee Coles and Dave Leith, IMAPON, LocoMotoArt,

Neighborhood Small Grants Greenest City Fund (Kitsilano Neighbourhood House),

Vancouver Foundation