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oz factor




oz factor, it describes that feeling so perfectly! that feeling of being in the woods, so quiet you only hear your own footsteps crunching the snow below your weight. then you come to a complete stop, slowing your breathing right down to inaudable - mouth breathing, and you hear nothing! no cold wind, no birds, no movement or animals, NO THING! it's hyper self awareness in the moment and it's utterly sublime! really close, really personal! that's the oz factor!


you. in your body. in nature.


jenny randles specializes in writing books on ufos and paranormal phenomena ... 'she coined the term, 'oz factor', describing the odd state of consciousness involving changes to the perception of time and space, during which strange phenomena and close encounters can occur.' ~wiki


are we not living in strange times? are we not living in stasis, between a known past, a self-responsible present to effect a more positive future?

is this covid19 a chance to hit the pause button while in self isolation and re evaluate your priorities? are we not living in strange times?




oz factor | no. 4 #ozfactor #sublime #jennyrandles #selfresponsibility


oz factor is an ongoing blog and photo project for the duration of the covid19 pandemic.