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the learning curve for people using online media apps and communication has shot up probably 1000%. individuals using skype, facetime, wechat to check in on their family and friends, communicate from isolation with virtual visits and sharing information - lots of it about everything! businesses are now using video conference calling for meetings while everyone works from home for the foreseeable future. boom! welcome to the 'future' home office, just like that.


the concept of home offices are still too foreign to many, yet the work future for many to come, believe me, i've been doing it for 14yrs! things are changing on many fronts now including: work and employment, healthcare and support, education, finances and the economy, arts and culture ... everything!


we're in a bit of a evolution revolution right now!


⦿ dyson, known for excellent engineering, is working on ventilators

⦿ france is using it's high speed bullet trains to rush covid patients to available hospital beds throughout the country.

⦿ seniors and the frail now have priority to services right after corporate cleaning and before opeing to the public, including pharmacy and food stores.

⦿ 3d printers and glass blowers are busy creating parts for hospital ventilators.

⦿ distilleries are making free hand sanitizers


people in self isolation or quarantine are: cleaning their houses; nervous baking; exercising and meditation; playing conference call music gigs live; shaving their eyebrows and cutting their own hair; home schooling; and writing isolation poetry.


every evening at exactly 7pm pst a carcophany rises slowly across the neighborhood and falls across all of vancouver and the lower mainland as pots are banged, people shout, cheer, clap, whistle, blow horns and shake bells for five minutes. vancouverites are grateful for all the essential workers, bus drivers, grocery shelf stockers, and medical people who are just changing shift at the hospitals.  gratitude fills the hole in our hearts and creates the community we are all missing, through sound and music!


this is what emergency workers hear coming off a long 12hr. shift this evening ...



march 27, 2020  | 7pm nightly thank you to essential workers




oz factor | no. 5 | #apocochoco #communication #community #creativity


oz factor is an ongoing blog and photo project for the duration of the covid19 pandemic.