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people loose, dogs leashed




while i'm busy practising the new social mandates and mantras of handwashing, cleaning, and social distancing via the joey ramone height equation - 2 metre saftey distance between two people is approximately the height of joey ramone - an interesting thing to see are people's thought processes through crisis! all it takes is a major event effecting many people to see binary thinking raising it's ugly, dual head. how quickly people take sides and let loose with theories instead of solutions to mask their own lack of coping.


due to many in social isolation, i'm wondering how many people now wish they had upgraded their digital skills, had to find out how to make their first conference call to teach a class or how many older people are feeling shut off. i'm also wondering when the next time i will see someone in person without having to think of joey ramone!


boundaries and perceptions of personal space are an individual gauge and dependent on the morals and customs of the culture, society or country. from here i could go into mentioning the added points of taboo in touching or consent and personal space. maybe later...


but i do want to look at the conspiracy theory of covid19 being a mind virus. what is that? according to the urban dictionary definition:






so according to conspiracy theorists, covid19 is the 'regular seasonal flu' and the death rate is 'natural attrition' of older people with compomised health. while it does effect seniors, it also has taken the life of otherwise healthy young adults and children. a 36 and 21yr. old and today a 17yr. old! as of today, march 25, the global death rate is almost 23,000 people and doesn't show any sign of slowing! seasonal flu? really?


i don't seem to recall a yearly flu where the dead

are laid out on ice rinks in spain!


furthermore, they believe that the overzealous preparation and containment of the virus is, for lack of a better word, a fixation, an overreaction, and that human lives are not worth financial burden! medical 'experts' with no training. meanwhile, they appear to have emotionally flattened to any news of the suffering of others while droning on and on about their precious theories. gotta sell that book. gotta present that conference, gotta get those subscribers numbers up! ... shaking my head.


while various strains of flu have different mortality rates throughout history, there are many still alive today, including myself, who lost family members to the 1918 spanish flu, taking 50 million lives! clinging to theories, passing judgement and doing nothing in the real world to help others within your own communities really makes me wonder who exactly has the real mind virus!




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oz factor is an ongoing blog and photo project for the duration of the covid19 pandemic.