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one banana, two banana




in checking in with where my thoughts go, i think i'm going to be talking about the idea of viruses and the metaphorical. how they effect your perception, especially concerning personal space.


i'm starting to see interesting and awkward social interactions with self conscious people slowing processing that things will not be going back to 'normal' for some time! it didn't take long to start hearing political analogies to this being a war, but i will be getting back to talking about what a virus can be, next time.


i learned a new word today, covidiot!


covidiots are people who party and gather in large public gatherings ignoring all warnings despite the bombardment of news and information. they also panic-buy and think nothing they do effects others, denying aged and frail in a single thought, foaming at the mouth with xenophobia - 'who me? i can't be a carrier, besides it's a china virus!' you tell people to stay home to flatten the curve in the rise of active cases of this anomalistic and aggressive pneumonia, and instead people pack a lunch and head to the fucking beach like it's a civic holiday!


balancing societal compliance with freedom is a tricky one and based on leadership and society's collective sense of trust, public duty and empathy towards others. that is going to be difficult and different for each individual as they are asked to step into self responsibility.


so far one fact is constant, consistent and clear. with each epicentre of severe outbreak, there is a heavy death toll, because people ignored staying home - that's science! wuhan, iran, italy, spain ... now nyc! america, wake the fuck up! this is not a movie!




oz factor | no. 2 | #space #virus #covidiot #freedom #empathy


oz factor is an ongoing blog and photo project for the duration of the covid19 pandemic.