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NODE_ opening april_05_2019 photo: wynne palmer



opening april_05_2019 @ 7 - 9pm

april_05 - 14_2019
hours 1 - 4pm thursday - sunday

The James Black Gallery, Vancouver, BC


While pervasive in our culture, from comic books to movies and television, the term “parallel universe” is just one facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse. NODE_ is a photo-based project that explores interpretations of portals, time travel and parallel worlds.

When I was very young my favorite book was H. G. Wells “The Time Machine” (1895) and my favorite television show was Irwin Allen’s “Time Tunnel.” Broadcast for only one year, from 1966-67, the series covered the multiple attempts of two top-secret government scientists, who were lost in time, trying to return home. The concept of this show had an impact on me as a young child, pushing my interpretation of the world in which I lived and planting a seed of life-long query into the boundaries of my lived experience. Over the years of reading archaeology, science and esoteric books discussing pillars, doorways and portals to alternate worlds or ‘realms’ by many current and ancient cultures, I started comparing concepts I was learning to current quantum physics, energy and time-space research

... "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

~ Nikola Tesla