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chrysalis © 2019 photo: wynne palmer

I was very happy to participate in VIVO Media Art Centre's annual fundraiser event on April 27, 2019, BYOB: Bring Your Own Beamer!


Have you ever made a blanket fort out of cushions and sheets available in your home? Did you find comfort and satisfaction fabricating forts, hollows, caves and crawl areas to create a safe space? 


Designed as an installation-based immersive environment, viewers are confronted with a constructed installation, animation (Zandi), video loop (Wynne), lighting design, fog and a soundtrack (Sara) as they enter the room. Constructed from available furniture, including: a coat rack, chairs, benches and plinths, curtains and mylar sheeting, guests are invited inside the lightly construction tent-fort to chill on pillows and watch a video loop, active silence, all while listening to Gold's atelier soundtrack.


Chrysalis is a group project created specifically for BYOB with the art team, Wynne Palmer, Zandi Dandizette and Sara Gold to explore the idea of worlds within worlds and the comfort we seek!


See the whole artist statement and full documentation HERE