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I'm very happy to announce my official appointment as Advisor to the Board of Directors for The James Black Gallery, an 1889 heritage building and home to the indepenent artist run space in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant area!


Photo: JBG


Transitioning from a former local art collective work space, The James Black Gallery came under the watchful eye of current Executive Director/Founder,  Zandi Dandizette in 2014.


The James Black Gallery is dedicated to providing low cost space for emerging artists to experiment, create, and show works of art. Today the gallery boasts a solid administrative staff and board, an artist in residency program, a rotating list of collective members, a ceramics studio, workshops and over two dozen events and exhibitions per year for local to international artists. In the heart of the Main Street gallery district, programming often includes community tie ins with other artist run galleries, academic institutions and community partners.


Photo: JBG


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