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Photo: Jeremy Isao Speier


In a common work area of the MakerLabs building east of downtown on a rainy night, a group was gathered in a lively discussion. Topics ranged from data collection to identity politics, from neuroplasticity to occult cyber feminism. Welcome to 'Science Fictions for the Robot Class' at Vancouver's Open Science Network.


I was very happy to share the current state of my art practice, including recent light and sound projects. This was the first lecture where I have spoken publicly of the influence on my work over the years from having worked at a public science centre production department. Art informed from science and art-science collaborations are currently finding platforms for presentations much easier these days!


Speakers: JG Mair (Jeff Mair), Gunther Seyfried (Jugo Charmas), Miki Aurora

Jeremy Isao SpeierRita WuPolly GibbonsJudy JheungZandi Dandizette

Yu LiWynne PalmerChris Mills.


Special Thanks: Open Science Network's Xenia Common at