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Cindy Mochizuki, "Compass." Photo: Ash Tanasiychuk/VANDOC


I was happy to be given the opportunity to curate and co-produce the 2nd exhibition of my themed curatorial quartet for Digital Carnival: WATER (2016), LAND (2017),AIR (2018), FIRE (2019).


Working with both Cinevolution Media Arts Society and the Richmond World Festival organizers has been an amazing journey thus far, with this year being no different, by expanding to two days and with the theme of LAND! On September 1 & 2, 2017 we launched Cinevolution's Digital Carnival 2017: LAND in the 3rd edition of the Richmond World Festival in Richmond, BC.


Two evenings at the Richmond Cultural Centre's (RCC) Theatre featured Vancouver-based Japanese/Canadian artist Cindy Mochizuki in two sold out performances of Compass. Storytelling features prominently in Cindy's use of theatre, live video, puppets and projections in retelling of her grandmother's stories of growing up in Richmond.

Minah Lee & Marcelo da Silva - "Ferment Love." Photo: Wynne Palmer


14 projects by 22 local to international media artists rounded out the rest of the programme in the RCC Media Lab, on the LED Stage and in the 5 interconnected tents on Minoru Field. Friday evening included a live audio/vj performance of eye of the storm by artists Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone) + Ian Ross (C130) on the LED Stage. Saturday evening featured two performancs of whitepages #1 by Milton Lim.


Over 8,000+ people attended this public art exhibition, with an overall attendance to the Richmond World Festival topping 40,000+ people!


Exhibition details, biographies & statements:

Cinevolution Media Arts Society website


Featured exhibition review:


Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone) & Ian Ross (C130) - "eye of the storm." Photo: Wynne Palmer

The scope and span of works included: Performace art and theatre; integrated media; video and film; interactive installations; video mapping; generative/software art; 3D anaglyph; hands-on interactive audio demo; live audio/vj; activist/community art and a hands-on shadow puppet theatre.

Photo: Ash Tanasiychuk/VANDOC


Digital Carnival 2017: LAND


Featured Artist: Cindy Mochizuki

presents Compass


2017 Exhibition Artists: Alanna Ho/Nathan Marsh, Constantine Katsiris/Ian Ross, Ella Cooper, Isabelle Hayeur, Katharine Yi, Laura Lee Coles/Rob Scharein, Marina Szijarto/Glen Andersen, Milton Lim, Minah Lee/Marcelo da Silva, Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., Patrick Blenkarn, Sara Gold, Sarah Shamash/Gabriela Sepulveda/Osveldo Castillo and Sonny Assu.


Cinevolution Media Arts Society Executive Team

Yun-Jou Chang, Project Coordinator/Co-Producer

Lynn Groppi, Artistic Director/Co-Producer

Wynne Palmer, Curator/Co-Producer


Richmond World Festival Executive Team

Bryan Tasaka, Manager Major Events & Film, City of Richmond, BC

Camyar Chaichian, Coordinator, Richmond Arts Centre

John Donnelly, President, John Donnelly & Associates

James Cowan, Vice President of Operations, JD&A

Sarah Shandl, Production Manager, JD&A

Cristy Houston, Media/Marketing

Adam Hori, Technical Assistance LED Wall, Briere Production Group

Dustin Fergusson-Vaux and Marian Greksa, Technical Assistance for Digital Carnival

James Dobbs, Judy Lo, Ashley Dunne, Loryn LeGear


Cindy Mochizuki's Team

James Proudfood, Lighting Design; Nancy Tam, Sound Design; Asa Mori, Technical Assistance; Cherry Wen Wen Lu, Production Assistant; Minoru Yamamoto, Set Construction


Documentation + Press

Jian Ping Su, Video Lead with Picture's Up Media; Paige Smith and Heeju Kim

Ash Tanasiychuk, VANDOCUMENT - Photography

Justin Ramsey, VANDOCUMENT - Event Review


Other Support

Chuck Lee, Assistant to artists Laura Lee Coles & Rob Scharein

Remy Siu, Equipment support



Andrew Lee, Volunteer Coordinator; Jamie Lam, Moko Lee, Jennifer Pham, Sandra Pham, Sourav Aggarwal, Luan Li, Tri Nguyen, Barbara Meneley, Avneet Amera Kalsi, 

Haige Wu, Thomas Groppi, Ying Wang, William O, Robert N. Brown


Special Thanks to our Sponsors & Funders

BC Arts Council, City of Richmond, Richmond World Festival, Video Out,

VIVO Media Arts Centre (Special thanks Alex Muir!)