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I was thrilled to be invited to curate and co-produce, over the next four years, my themed quartest of shows based on the elements: WATER (2016), LAND (2017), AIR (2018) and FIRE (2019) for Cinevolution Media Arts Society's program Your Kontinent, Digital Carnival! This year's theme WATER was presented at the Richmond World Festival on Saturday, September 3, 2016!


A year of planning and working closely with both Cinevolution Media Arts Society and the City of Richmond, BC,  this showcase grows in scope yearly, highlighting cutting-edge emerging digital artists and presenting their work to an audience of 32,000 + at this free, family-friendly event.


Photo: Wynne Palmer


Photo: Zandi Dandizette


Wynne Palmer, Sammy Chien and Ying Wang (Cinevolution) promotional show interview with

Brit Bachman on Make a Better World at CFRO 100.5FM Radio. Air Date August 27, 2016.
Photo: Brit Bachman



Contained under the 'Big Top' of 7 inter-connected event tents on the field in Minoru Park in central Richmond, Digital Carnival 2016: WATER comprised 10 works by 12 Canadian artists including: performance art, video screenings, integrated media installations, generative art, audio/sound, interactive works and computer gaming, community art engagement projects!


Selected feature artist, Sammy Chien, presented an interactive dance piece, "Water Can Carry a Boat; It Can Bury a Boat" using the motion-sensing app Isadora for his live performance, revealing his process as a learning tool for storytelling his immigrant experience as a Taiwanese/Canadian!


Cinevolution Media Arts Society 2016 highlight reel


Digital Carnival 2016 artists and crew


Digital Carnival: WATER


Featured Artist Sammy Chien

presents "Water Can Carry a Boat; It Can Bury a Boat"


Exhibiting Artists: Anchi Lin, Alanna Ho, Glen Andersen & Marina Szijarto, George Ho, Zandi Dandizette, Nico Jing, Minah Lee & Ziggy, Isabelle Hayeur and Paige Smith with Cinevolution Youth Media Scratch Animation Workshop


Cinevolution Executive Team: Ying Wang, Lynn Chen, Yun-Jou Chang, Wynne Palmer

Cinevolution Crew: Su Jian Ping, Event Videography; Andrew Lee, Volunteer Captain


Richmond World Festival Executive Team:

Bryan Tasaka, Manager Major Events & Film, City of Richmond, BC

Camyar Chaichian, Coordinator, Richmond Arts Centre

John Donnelly, President, John Donnelly & Associates

James Cowan, Vice President of Operations, JD&A

Sarah Shandl, Production Manager, JD&A

Cristy Houston, Media/Marketing


World Festival Crew: Drew - dedicated sound technician, and various lighting/sound crew


Special Thanks: BC Art Council, Richmond World Festival, City of Richmond, BC, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Cineworks and Remy Sui.


A big thank you to all for a fun-filled and successful event!