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Since August 2012, I have been a part of Vancouver-based, digital eco-art group LocoMotoArt, comprising 20 national and international new media artists. We now have a Facebook Page! Please Like, Share and stay tuned for posts of our activities, accomplishments and upcoming outdoor events.


LocoMotoArt Facebook Page HERE


LocoMotoArt was first conceived as part of the Master of Arts thesis of transdisciplinary artist Laura Lee Coles at Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Her thesis is entitled: "Utilizing the Natural Environment for the Exhibition of New Media."


LocoMotoArt is a creative field system that uses portable marine batteries to power electronics in natural settings and solar panels to recharge the batteries. LocoMotoArt provides artists the capacity to display, exhibit and perform new media works in urban natural settings and other outdoor environments, including “wilder” or “wilderness” locations.


LocoMotoArt artists include:
Graham Brown, Sammy Chien, Merlyn Chipman, Laura Lee Coles, Beth Curruthers, Patrick Daggitt, Brian Kent Gotro, Jamie Griffiths, Bobbi Kozinuk, David Leith, Mark Nazemi, Maryam Mobini, Sebnem Ozpeta, Wynne Palmer, Dinka Pignon, Rob Scharein, Sarah Shamash, Phil Thomson, Miles Thorogood, Vincent Van Haaff.