August 18, 2013 Tatlow Park will become an outdoor exhibition space for visual and sound installations, which are positioned specifically in natural setting to embrace the intimacy of “place” and promote the relationship of humans, technology and the indigenous world.


I will be showing a new outdoor digital installation called Yew Are Here along with members of LocoMotoArt.


Exhibition Artists ::

Merlyn Chipman, Laura Lee Coles, David Leith, Maryam Mobini, Mark Nazemi, Sebnem Ozpeta, Wynne Palmer, Rob Scharein, Sarah Shamash and Miles Thorogood.

LocoMotoArt in Tatlow Park project is supported by a small, but generous grant from the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House through the Neighbourhood Small Grants Greenest City Fund issued by the Vancouver Foundation, in response to the City of Vancouver’s community-led green initiatives mandate.


Wynne Palmer © 2013

After an intensely busy month and a half of preparation as Co-Producer, Marketing Director and exhibiting Artist, the show is now part of both the LocoMotoArt and the QE Park's history. The weather couldn't have been better and the attendance and support of some 400 people, made this a terrific evening!

bg_18431375846286.jpgOpening Ceremony with Russell Wallace and family. Photo: Laura Lee Coles


Thank you to Leslie Kennah and Ash Tanasiychuk and VANDOCUMENT for the video.


Thank you for the show review: Lucia Misch and VANDOCUMENT

I have a single channel, silent video piece called Octopus Garden being shown in

Digital Carnival at the Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival 2013

on Saturday, July 27, 2013 at Richmond Cultural Centre in Minoru Park. Octopus Garden is a video projection on sand that acts as a screen and ocean floor, where the public can walk on the bottom of the ocean! Digital Carnival is a free outdoor event in the park in front of Richmond Art Gallery.



Wynne Palmer © 2013

bg_32611392947821.jpgWynne Palmer © 2012

LocoMotoArt @ Queen Elizabeth Park

I will be installing my outdoor piece Naiad's Gift along with members of LocoMotoArt from 9-11PM on Sunday, July 28, 2013, where we will light up your stroll through one of Vancouver's crown jewels, Queen Elizabeth Park! Celebrating Youth, Technology & Nature, this family-friendly FREE exhibition will include 12 art projections, audio, sound art and interactive new media works in the large quarry, highlighting sustainable practices with technology.


LocoMotoArt exhibition artists ::

Merlyn Chipman, Laura Lee Coles, Jamie Griffiths, Bobbi Kozinuk, Dave Leith, Sebnem Ozpeta, Wynne Palmer,  Rob Scharein, Sarah Shamash, Miles Thorogood.

Guest Artists: Maryam Mobini, Mark Nazemi, Russell Wallace

In memorial: Exerpts of Coyote X by First Nations media artist Terry Haines


Special Thanks ::

Alliance for the Arts, BC Hydro, Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House, Charqui Grill, CiTR 101.9 FM, Community Neighbourhood Arts Development grant issued by City of Vancouver Cultural Affairs Department, IMAPON, Kitsilano Neighourhood House, Village Vanouver, VIVO Media Arts Centre and William F. White International Inc.

After the announcement of LocoMotoArt being awarded the 2013-2015 artist in residency at Aberthau Mansion in West Point Grey, the City spread the word. Here are a couple of announcements in our local media.


Georgia Straight :: in Art Notes Link


VanCityBuzz Link




LocoMotoArt will be doing a Youth, Technology & Nature Workshop Series for FREE!


1. Sustainable Systems: An Introduction to Independent Power Systems - FREE


2. Sustainable Arts Practice Methods - Digital eco-art - FREE

*I will be teaching at these two workshops at the West Point Community Centre

on July 20, 2013 from 12noon - 3PM and July 21, 2013 from 7 - 10PM.


3. New Approaches: Getting out in Nature by GeoPainting the Landscape - FREE


To keep up with LocoMotoArt online ::

LMA Website

LMA Facebook


Special thanks ::

Vancouver Park Board - Arts, Culture and Environmental Department funded by the Community Neighbourhood Arts Development grant, issued by City of Vancouver Cultural Affairs Department and BC Hydro, Alliance for the Arts, Kitsilano and Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Houses, VIVO Media Arts Centre and Village Vancouver.

I've been shooting a lot of video of water for the past couple of years and have been using images of it in one form or another for various projects and productions. Drift is a new piece, designed as a single channel loop video based on the concepts of global warming and desertification on the planet. I shot it with an HTC One cell phone and edited in post production. To see the whole video, go HERE

bg_17441373446178.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013

It's been very busy with the LocoMotoArt this year, lots of news!


After spending the winter writing grants and applicaitons, LocoMotoArt received a Neighbourhoodl grant for an upcoming show in August of this year at Tatlow Park in KIts, a grant from BC Hydro for community workshops and a huge grant from the City of Vancouver for an outdoor exhibition in Vancouver's Queen Ellizabeth Park.


A Big Thank You to the following


- City of Vancouver for Community & Neighbourhood Arts Development Grant, Arts & Culture

- BC Hydro for the Grant

- Vancouver Foundation for Neighborhood Small Grants Greenest City Fund (Kitsilano Neighbourhood House)

Wynne Palmer © 2013