persephone from "Waiting For Spring". photo: Nicole Dextras

Very proud to present the fourth and final exhibition of my element - themed curatorial quartet WATER (2016), LAND (2017), AIR (2018), FIRE (2019)

for Digital Carnival with Cinevolution Media Arts Society.


Working closely once again with the Cinevolution Media production team over this past year, along with the Richmond Community Centre, Richmond Art Gallery and Richmond World Festival organizers, we installed this year's Vancouver-based featured artist, Nicole Dextras and her project, Dystopian Museum! August 30 - 31, I had great pleasure of presenting the timely work of  Nicole, who is currently making a set of films storytelling environmental issues while highlighting her unique handmade clothing from natural materials!


"Dystopian Museum" rolling display carts photo: Nicole Dextras


Nicole's Dystopian Museum project included theatre screenings of her film, Waiting For Spring, highlighting a modernized and dystopian version of the Persephone story. Next door in the community centre atrium were a set of 3 rolling display carts, with ipads, highlighting the mythology, history and current modes of prevention practises around FIRE. Pushing each display cart out onto the plaza on a rotating schedule, the artist herself donned the role of Roman fire prevention Goddess, Stata Mater, in order to interact with the general public and engage with audiences about fire and fire prevention!


Featured artist Nicole Dextras as Stata Mater photo: Wynne Palmer

Over 5,000+ people attended this exhibition, with an overall attendance to the Richmond World Festival topping 36,000+ people to this free, family-friendly cultural event!


11 artists/ 7 Pop Up Gallery works on Plaza  | 2 evenings

*Mask Making Workshop with Nicole Dextras & Emily Smith was in partnership with the

Richmond Art Gallery. Masks created in the workshop were captured and displayed as moving GIFs on video monitors in the Atrium window for run of the Featured Artist exhibition!


Exhibition details, bios & statements:

Cinevolution website


Featured Artist Exhibition article:

Georgia Straight


Digital Carnival: FIRE


Featured Artist Nicole Dextras

presents Dystopian Museum


2019 Exhibition Artists

Bagua Artist Association, John Desnoyer - Stewart, Bridget Fairbank, Yang Guo, Melany Nugent-Noble and Trent Noble, Roberto Santaguida and Paige Smith.


Cinevolution Media Arts Society Team

Yun-Jou Chang, Project Coordinator/Co-Producer

Lynn Groppi, Artistic Director/Co-Producer

Wynne Palmer, Curator/Co-Producer

Minah Lee, Curatorial Assistant

Jenniffer Tai, Production Assistant

I Chen Hsu, Media/Marketing

Andrew Lee, Volunteer Coordinator


Special Thanks to our Partners, Funders, Sponsors & Volunteers

Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Richmond, Richmond World Festival, Richmond Art Gallery, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Instaspace Storage, IMAPON and Paul Wong.

photo: © 2019 Wynne Palmer for Cinevolution Media Arts Society

Digital Carnival 2019: FIRE featured artist, Nicole Dextras and artist/educator, Emily Smith lead a half day workshop recently in partnership with the Richmond Art Gallery. Local indigenous plants and natural materials were used in contructing creative eco art masks with students, in harmony with the Peresephone character in Nicole's exhibition, The Dystopian Museum. Finished creative works will be featured as an animated GIF in the Atrium of the Richmond Cultural Centre as part of the featured artist exhibition run of Aug. 30 - Sept. 6, 2019.


photo: © 2019 Wynne Palmer for Cinevolution Media Arts Society


Participating Artists:

Candy Chang, Melanie Devoy, Margaret Herscheid, Ahrang Hwang, Kaeli McArter, Connie Sabo, Debbie Tuepah, and Elisha Wang.


Special Thanks:

Emily Smith, Melanie Devoy, Kathy Tycholis and the Richmond Art Gallery staff and volunteers.


Documentation of participants works will be captured and displayed as moving GIFs on Atrium gallery monitors for the duration of the Featured Artist's exhibition.

For full exhibition and artist info at



I will be showing a small installation for Vancouver Low Frequency Festival


5/11/19 from 9pm - 1am.

The James Black Gallery
144 E 6th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1J5 

chrysalis © 2019 photo: wynne palmer

I was very happy to participate in VIVO Media Art Centre's annual fundraiser event on April 27, 2019, BYOB: Bring Your Own Beamer!


Have you ever made a blanket fort out of cushions and sheets available in your home? Did you find comfort and satisfaction fabricating forts, hollows, caves and crawl areas to create a safe space? 


Designed as an installation-based immersive environment, viewers are confronted with a constructed installation, animation (Zandi), video loop (Wynne), lighting design, fog and a soundtrack (Sara) as they enter the room. Constructed from available furniture, including: a coat rack, chairs, benches and plinths, curtains and mylar sheeting, guests are invited inside the lightly construction tent-fort to chill on pillows and watch a video loop, active silence, all while listening to Gold's atelier soundtrack.


Chrysalis is a group project created specifically for BYOB with the art team, Wynne Palmer, Zandi Dandizette and Sara Gold to explore the idea of worlds within worlds and the comfort we seek!


See the whole artist statement and full documentation HERE


party_line. © 2019 wynne palmer


I'll be doing Spring and Fall studio visits or sit down coffees with those interested!


April 15 - May 15, 2019 = 8/10 filled, 2 slots left! Edited: ALL FILLED

Oct. - Nov. 2019 = Possible Fall studio visits! Stay tuned.


I already have a request list going from last winter and currently looking to fill 2 last slots for the period between April 15 - May 15. Please let me know which date/time works for you in an email and I'll schedule you! I want to see what you're working on!

*visits are for the greater area of Vancouver, BC only!



If you're in Montreal, QC between April 12 - 27, pop into the Visual Voice Gallery to see the show Convergence - art + neuroscience! I'm 1 of 16 artists participating in Deirdre Hatton + Laura Roseros' sciart project, Urban DNA: Walking through Geotypes. All projects involve collaborations between neuro scientists and artists! Being a strong believer in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) as a teaching model for all ages, I was more than happy to participate in further learning.


NODE_ opening april_05_2019 photo: wynne palmer



opening april_05_2019 @ 7 - 9pm

april_05 - 14_2019
hours 1 - 4pm thursday - sunday

The James Black Gallery, Vancouver, BC


While pervasive in our culture, from comic books to movies and television, the term “parallel universe” is just one facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse. NODE_ is a photo-based project that explores interpretations of portals, time travel and parallel worlds.

When I was very young my favorite book was H. G. Wells “The Time Machine” (1895) and my favorite television show was Irwin Allen’s “Time Tunnel.” Broadcast for only one year, from 1966-67, the series covered the multiple attempts of two top-secret government scientists, who were lost in time, trying to return home. The concept of this show had an impact on me as a young child, pushing my interpretation of the world in which I lived and planting a seed of life-long query into the boundaries of my lived experience. Over the years of reading archaeology, science and esoteric books discussing pillars, doorways and portals to alternate worlds or ‘realms’ by many current and ancient cultures, I started comparing concepts I was learning to current quantum physics, energy and time-space research

... "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

~ Nikola Tesla

Thank you to editors, Katrina Vera Wong and Raymond Nakamura of Science Borealis for interviewing and quoting me for their article on SciArt!


SciArt is the bridging of personal experience and visual articulation to scientific theory. It is a meeting place for a conversation between artists and scientists. Please read full article in link below.