In early June, LocoMotoArt received word that we were being awarded artist in residency at Aberthau Mansion - West Point Grey through Park Field House Studio Residency, Vancouver Park Board. 16 of the 20 members of the Collective will be installed from June 1, 2013 - Jan 1, 2015!


For my personal residency, I will be researching underwater lighting, LED and Electroluminescent lighting and making outdoor installations on Aberthau Mansion's beautiful grounds. I will also be conducting community engagement workshops, where I will guide participants in making installations with light. There be exhibitions at Aberthau Mansion and other community centres, guest artists and lecturers, projects with other artists in residence in other City fieldhouses, dinners, talks and workshops.


See upcoming posts here on this Blog and details for my LMA workshops on

LocoMotoArt Blog.


City of Vancouver Parks, Recreation and Culture website announcement HERE.


In June, I had the pleasure to curate five artists into an independent show production, 2000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer | 2000 Miles Under the Sea, named after headline performer Trautonia Capra's newly released CD. I was inspired to continue my video work involving water by creating original footage for 3/5 artists for their performances! In addition to show curation and production, I had the pleasure to host a talk/demo by Trautonia and myself in conjunction with the performance.


Trautonia Capra, thereminist from Hamburg, Germany

Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra

Spectrum Interview


Merlyn Chipman



Trautonia Capra ::


Wynne Palmer © 2013


Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra ::

bg_14871370503660.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013

phonal ::


Wynne Palmer © 2013


Special Thanks: Trautonia Capra, Spectrum Interview, phonal, Merlyn Chipman, Laura Lee Coles and Ross Moster and VIVO Media Arts Centre for their ongoing and continuous support of VETO.


Wynne Palmer © 2004


Our LocoMotoArt gang is having a fundraiser event to help fund our upcoming summer exhibition schedule and I will be auctioning off Techno Tartan #1 at the event this Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Charqui's Grill in Vancouver's Kits district.


Come and meet the Collective, hear some great music, participate in the auctiona and raffles and have a beer with us!


Facebook Event Page

I'm pleased to be producing a great show, 2000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer with guest artists:


Trautonia Capra, vocalist/thereminist from Germany

Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra

Spectrum Interview


Merlyn Chipman


Friday, May 3, 2013

VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main St., Vancouver

Doors: 7:30 PM, Show: 8 - 11 PM. $8 Cover. Cash Bar.


Trautonia and I, as a VETO member, will be giving a

Theremin Talk + Demo

1-3 PM, Sunday, May 5, 2013

Contact VIVO Media Arts for $10 tickets @ 604.872.8337 ext. 5 (Megan)


Facebook Event Page

bg_11061365837739.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013


Photo: Vancouver Courier


VIVO Media Arts Centre were kind enough to include a picture of the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra to accompany an article written about the gallery for the Vancouver Courier published April 5, 2013. The article highlights VIVO for it's continuing support to local media artists for the past 40 years!


The Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO) was formed by the participants in a theremin building workshop held at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2011. VETO was formed out of and continues to be supported by the Education Program at VIVO Media Arts Centre. VETO has performed for the Signal + Noise Festival, The Xenakis Festival for Vancouver New Music, for Interactive Futures: Animal Influence (, amongst other events.


Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra Facebook Page HERE


Being one of the founders/players for VETO I am also pleased to be producing an upcoming show Friday, May 3, 2013 called 2000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer at VIVO Media Arts Centre including artists: Trautonia Capra, vocalist/thereminst from Germany, VETO, Spectrum Interview, phonal and Merlyn Chipman. I will post an event announcement for this show this week.


Special thanks: VIVO Media Arts Centre and Vancouver Courier




Since August 2012, I have been a part of Vancouver-based, digital eco-art group LocoMotoArt, comprising 20 national and international new media artists. We now have a Facebook Page! Please Like, Share and stay tuned for posts of our activities, accomplishments and upcoming outdoor events.


LocoMotoArt Facebook Page HERE


LocoMotoArt was first conceived as part of the Master of Arts thesis of transdisciplinary artist Laura Lee Coles at Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Her thesis is entitled: "Utilizing the Natural Environment for the Exhibition of New Media."


LocoMotoArt is a creative field system that uses portable marine batteries to power electronics in natural settings and solar panels to recharge the batteries. LocoMotoArt provides artists the capacity to display, exhibit and perform new media works in urban natural settings and other outdoor environments, including “wilder” or “wilderness” locations.


LocoMotoArt artists include:
Graham Brown, Sammy Chien, Merlyn Chipman, Laura Lee Coles, Beth Curruthers, Patrick Daggitt, Brian Kent Gotro, Jamie Griffiths, Bobbi Kozinuk, David Leith, Mark Nazemi, Maryam Mobini, Sebnem Ozpeta, Wynne Palmer, Dinka Pignon, Rob Scharein, Sarah Shamash, Phil Thomson, Miles Thorogood, Vincent Van Haaff.

bg_8051362454145.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013

As the crocus are now blooming in Vancouver, I too am coming out of hybernation with my To Do lists to take me through the year. The first half of this year is shaping up to be very productive.


Professional Development: Intro to Digital Sound Design (completed + passed)

2 grant writing workshops

Grant writing and submissions

Checking out artist in residency opportunities for LocoMotoArt

Site inspection for summer shows

Interdisciplinary Media Artist Association/Population of Noise Art Collective fundraiser event

2 visual shows, 1 sound show, 1 curatorial (announcements to come)

bg_6871359428214.jpgWynne Palmer © 2013

Like many artists, I am a creature of habit when it comes to planning and implementing my creative year. With the weather being dark and dreary through the winter, I curl up in front of the fire and try to use my time wisely by researching and planning new projects which I then priortize and will work on for the year. Considering I am an interdiscipliary artist, this can be a daunting task, as there is the concept research and then the technical research. I have literally pages of ideas, some of which I wonder if I will ever get to! There are many factors that will inform these decisions including: Is the project for a collective I am working with? Is it for a grant or residency I am applying for? Is it for a specific show? Is it in conjunction with a workshop or course I have taken and want to expand into a project? Decisions, decisions.... currently I am paring down ideas that I am interested in pursuing for this year which include: mixed media works on paper concerning identity, an outdoor installation involving light and luminescence, an audio piece for an installation.


That being said, the other thing I do every year from Jan. - June is take workshops and in-person or online courses for professional development. These usually fall into two groups: art administration ie grant writing and skill development ie learning a new software or equipment. Before the end of January I will be attending a civic grant writing workshop and have just started an online course in digital sound design.


Many young artists don't realize that pursuing professional development, even after you have finished formal art training, will feed your work and inspire you. You can't help but grow by incorporating new ideas and I have always found that the networking involved always pays off. Never stop learning!