This past weekend was a fresh and pleasant experience of exhibiting outdoors, as opposed to the 'white cube', in Vancouver's lovely Kitsilano Tatlow Park.


I was graciously asked to submit a project for curators Laura Lee Coles and David Leith for the launch of LocoMotoArt, based on Coles just completed Masters thesis at SAIT/Simon Fraser University. The premise is to use a portable system of mini projectors and marine batteries to run audio and/or video works of art in remote environments and natural settings.


This was a refreshing experience for me as an interdisciplinary artist, to locate my work in a natural setting, thereby adding strength to the project concept. I was thrilled to experiment with the Aaxa Pico P4 projector (80 lumens), that I projected onto a pond rock, and added an auxilary battery to extend the life of the 75min. Lithium internal battery. It worked beautifully!


For project documentation please see Naiad's Gift.


Wynne Palmer © 2012


Special Thanks: Laura Lee Coles and Dave Leith, IMAPON, LocoMotoArt,

Neighborhood Small Grants Greenest City Fund (Kitsilano Neighbourhood House),

Vancouver Foundation

I'm pretty excited and pleased with my new website, hosted by Eric Deis of Artist Run Website. This is a website host who is a working artist, so he has a good idea of the wants and needs of today's working artist. I'm impressed by the easy interface, choice of formats, layout, media upload, 30-day free trial and immediate response to suggestions and queries.